circadapt.components.wall.Wall2022(model[, ...])

Wall2022 object.

Module summary

Wall2022 object.


Am_dead: float

Non-conctractile wall area.

n_patch: int

Number of patches in the wall. On increase, the last patch will be copied. Wall volume and area are distributed equally over the patches. On decrease, the last patches in the list will be removed.


Signals are arrays. Each point in the array represents a point in time with step-size controlled by the solver.

Am [m2]: array

Wall area

Am0 [m2]: array

Linearized stress-free wall area

Cm [1/m]: array

Wall curvature

dA_dT [m/N]: array

Stress-tension derivative

p_trans [Pa]: array

Transmural pressure

T [Nm]: array


Vm [m3]: array

Mid-wall volume

V_wall [m3]: double

Wall volume