About CircAdapt

The CircAdapt framework can be used to create fast and functional models of the cardiovascular system. It provides a flexible platform for simulating and analyzing the dynamics of the heart, blood vessels, and blood flow. With CircAdapt, users can construct custom models that reflect their specific research questions and needs. The framework consists of a wide range of Components, from simple lumped parameter models to more complex, multi-scale models.

CircAdapt is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, making it easy for researchers and engineers to explore and analyze the cardiovascular system. The framework is written in C++ and offers a Python wrapper, making it accessible to a wider audience. Each individual module is implemented as one or more Components. The combined set of components, the Model, consists of dependent ordinary differential equations, which are solved using one of the implemented Solvers. It also provides numerous Tutorials, guiding users on utilizing prebuilt models and creating their own custom models.