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Patch objects.

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Patch2022 is based on Patch in Walmsley 2015.


class circadapt.components.patch.Patch2022(model, objects=None, wall_locs=None)

Bases: circadapt.components.Component

Patch2022 is based on Patch in Walmsley 2015.


AmRef: float

Reference wall area at \(l_{s} = l_{s,ref}\).

VWall: float

Wall volume

vMax: float

Maximum shortening velocity

len_se: float

Length of the series elastic element, i.e. \(l_{s} -l_{si}\) for which stress is zero.

LsRef: float

Reference sarcomere length for which at \(A_m (l_{s,ref}) = A_{m,ref}\).

Ls0Pas: float

Zero passive stress length

dLsPas: float
SfPas: float
k1: float
TR: float
TD: float
TimeAct: float
SfAct: float
SfPas: float
k1: float
dT: float
CRest: float
Lsi0Act: float
LDAD: float
ADO: float
LDCC: float
SfPasMaxT: float
SfPasActT: float
FacSfActT: float
LsPasActT: float
adapt_gamma: bool


Signals are arrays. Each point in the array represents a point in time with step-size controlled by the solver.

Ls: array

Sarcomere length

Lsi: array

State variable: Intrinsic sarcomere length

LsiDot: array

State variable: Intrinsic sarcomere length time-derivative

C: array

State variable: contraction curve

CDot: array

State variable: contraction time-derivative

Am: array

Patch mid-wall area

Am0: array

Patch mid-wall zero-stress area

Ef: array

Natural strain

T: array

Mid-wall tension

DADT: array

Area-tension derivative

Sf: array

Total fibre stress at mid-wall

SfPasT: array

Total passive stress at mid-wall

SfEcm: array

Total ECM stress at mid-wall

DSfDEf: array

Total stiffness coefficient

DSfPasDEf: array

Total passive stiffness coefficient

SfEcmMax: array

Adaptation: Maximum ECM stress

SfActMax: array

Adaptation: maximum active stress

SfPasAct: array

Adaptation: active-weighted passive stress

LsPasAct: array

Adaptation: active-weigthed sarcomere length

parameters = ['AmRef', 'VWall', 'vMax', 'len_se', 'LsRef', 'Ls0Pas', 'dLsPas', 'SfPas', 'k1', 'TR', 'TD',...
signals = ['Ls', 'Lsi', 'LsiDot', 'C', 'CDot', 'Am', 'Am0', 'Ef', 'T', 'DADT', 'Sf', 'SfPasT', 'SfEcm',...

Get all patches of the walls included in this pointer object.